"Fountain of Youth"

Thank you Tara & Natasha

“So how do I look?” she asked, slowly twirling in front of me. Inquiring about her ensemble with a hopeful look, longing for words of affirmation. Smiling back as I look deeply into her eyes I say, “you’re perfect.” Feeling my sincerity she blushed with a rejuvenated confidence and gently walked out of the room in front of me.

Glad I could put a smile on her face, yet I couldn’t help but wonder if she knew what I was truly referring to. Does she know what I see? Why did she ask me that? I say again, does she know what I see? If she weren’t so wonderfully dressed would she still believe me? I hope she doesn’t test that theory, making her skeptical of anything I’ve ever said in confidence; or maybe it is better that she tests that theory. May it create understanding in her heart of what’s real in mine.

Does she know what I see? Does she know these outer adornments are pitiful, paling in comparison to what I see? I see youth, I see you. It’s the same you I saw in the past, the same you in the pictures from your youth. Yes I know the outer has changed, but the soul is still yours. So concerned with youthful appearances, the funny thing is, the you that I see looks younger by the day. “Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day,” says the author of truth.

Time doesn’t exist to the soul; you are “forever young!” Forty years from now you’ll still be the girl from your youth, only with more wisdom. Others see wrinkles forming, skin sagging and bodies changing, nothing that is seen lasts forever! Defeating gravity, time and old age, you still look the same. So again I ask, does she know what I see? I see truth, I see perfection, I see you.

In our lives perfection seems to be the goal, but perfection in what? I guess that depends on the perspective of the person; pursuit of perfection in looks, in abilities? Sounds like madness, a chasing after the wind. Let our pursuit of perfection be 'in love.'

Immersed in a world afraid of change, seeking for ways to stay youthful, I fear for those who haven’t found what I have. I fear for those who are still open, vulnerable to attacks, those who may be focused on the wrong target. My heart goes out to you. For you are the very reason I write these words.

So is there such a thing as the fountain of youth? Yes, but not for the body, it’s for the soul. I will take care of my soul first, and then my body, which benefits from a healthy heart and soul. In her eyes I have found the fountain of youth. A healthy heart and a healthy soul that demands conditioning everyday, flowing with streams of living water…

Then with a slight grin she asked me, “so, how do I look?” Once more, does she know what I see? Should I just tell her? —Nah. I think it’ll be my little secret. So every time, I’ll respond in the same way, with a simple smile as I look deeply into her eyes…“you’re perfect.”