Thank you Ash

And we parted ways as the evening came to a close, not knowing what the future held. But not before a simple embrace. An embrace filled with genuine love unrealized, one never to be forgotten. I was completely blind-sided by its authenticity, not even realizing my own affection for her. She then followed up with a look of gratitude and admiration. This was the beginning of it all…genesis.

What was created in that moment has had me perplexed ever since. Whenever our eyes meet I see the same admiration, never changing, firm in its position—attributes of honesty. I wonder if this look is only for me, or do others see what I see? Her eyes brimming with hope and love, showing proof of a healthy heart.

There’s a knowing behind her gaze that I cannot deny. I've gotten looks before, but I've never “seen” that one. I've never “felt” that one. I’ve never “known” that one. Thoughts of a lie keep me skeptical, but there is no deception in them. Her eyes speak truth. Do I believe? Her spirit appears to have life. Is it eternal or am I being fooled? Past endeavors make me a bit fearful. Is this real? Why does she torture me?

And how is it that I see her now? I've been given sight by His spirit. She's the right one for me. What have I done to receive this blessing? To receive this gift to see beyond the physical, allowing me the chance to admire her true beauty? A view of her inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. Now I understand why this is of such great worth in God’s sight. His word is true, He is good and He gives freely. Have I finally found favor in my Lord’s eyes?

This sight is beyond feeling comfortable in another’s atmosphere. This sight makes the normal concept of chemistry seem foolish, utterly childlike. This idea of chemistry has been turned on its head for me. What did I know? How childlike are my thoughts! “Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” Helping me put to bed infant notions of knowledge. Great and unsearchable mysteries still leave me feeling ignorant. What else don’t I know Lord?

With this new perspective I realize I don’t know how to care for your precious gift the way that I should. Please teach me your ways. How priceless, a heart of gold.

My desire is to know more, to see more, to understand. My hope is that more of her will be revealed. My hope is that everything else will fall into place. What a way to start. I was in darkness until that day, void and formless. As you’ve spoken before, you’ve done it again, repeating your process of creation—And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light on us. I see that light is good. May we walk in it as one. As we continue to use our gifts to create, may you be with us, forever lighting the path. Helping us make a life worth reading about, a life worth talking about. With you the future looks bright. This is only the beginning. Genesis…