"-WUL- Writing by Design"


What is the Program?

"-WUL- Writing by Design" is a project that engages students in grades 7-12 through a 4 day creative writing workshop. The program guides students through the writing process in a way that taps into their interests, passions, and natural gifts. Students are able to shed the pressures of graded assignments and write freely about their lived experiences. This workshop teaches students that regardless of their writing abilities, they have a story worth telling.


Mission StatemenT...

Our goal is to help the youth see that they are problem solvers and cultivate a mindset to use their gifts and passions to help others.


Key Impact Goals...

  • Create a stronger connection between the school academics and the working world.

  • Create an opportunity for the students to connect with one another.

  • Improve their future outlook.


How do we do that?

  • 4 day storytelling workshop where the youth are given examples of future career possibilities. Then they will share their own view of their future.

  • Next they will connect by sharing their own personal stories. Through these experiences they will create/strengthen their relationships based on commonalities.

  • After that they will use the writing/design process and create a solution to their own school related or personal challenge.

  • Ending the workshop with an opportunity to share their solution and how they plan to apply it.

The project was piloted in the spring of 2016 in the Evergreen School District and now we have been offered the opportunity to expand the program to more schools.


From the Artist...

“From start to finish, we have a process in design. We begin with an idea, we write it down/sketch it out, then we bring it to life. This process is not limited to just physical products. I believe with pure intentions and good motives we can use this process to bring all good things to life. Not to flood the world with more products, but to flood the world with more hearts that think outwardly instead of inwardly or just for selfish gain. It is my passion to tell stories that will encourage others to grow and think of ways to affect one another positively. My hope is that in time more students will become problem solvers to impact change in their communities for the common good.”


"Workshop Schedule"